Daily Wins Baccarat Level 11

Daily Tournaments – Baccarat – Level 11

Power up your bets on the Daily Baccarat Tournaments Level 11 by Pragmatic Play on VOdds! Register now and enjoy betting on a wider range of baccarat games. Plus be one of the lucky winners to get a chance at the total cash prize worth $63,000. Start now to try your luck on casino games!

How to participate: 

  1. Register or log into your VOdds account and start playing all Pragmatic Play Live Casino Baccarat games.
  2. Click on the “🏆” or “🎁” icon on the left side of the opened game screen to view eligible tournaments/bonuses. 

Terms and Conditions 

  1. 1,680 winners will win cash prizes worth $63,000 from 19 February 2024, 18:00 to 11 March 2024, 17:59 (GMT+8).
  2. Daily tournaments will run from 18:00 to 17:59 (GMT+8), with 80 daily winners and prizes worth $3,000. There will be a total of 21 tournaments during the promotion period.
  3. A real money bet of minimum 5 USD must be placed on the Main Bet in any Baccarat table for the bet to Qualify.
  4. Players will be ranked based on Highest Score.
  5. Points are earned for every Qualified Consecutive Win that they achieve.
  6. The Points per consecutive win increases depending on the length of the Player’s Win Streak. The longer the Win Streak, the Higher the Point will be:
Consecutive Wins Points  
1st Win   0
2nd Win   1
3rd Win   2
4th Win   5
5th Win   15
6th Win   50
7th Win   200
8th Win   750
9th Win   2,500
10th Win   8,000
11th Win   25,000
12th Win   50,000
13th Win   100,000
14th Win   200,000
15th Win Onwards500,000

Example: Player has 3 winning streaks during the tournament (2 wins, 4 wins, and 5 wins streak). Scores = 1+8+23=32 Scores

  1. Only Winning Qualified Bets from Banker Win, Player Win, and Tie Win will be counted in Consecutive Win computation.
  2. Bets placed on Side Bet only regardless of the result and bets that resulted to Draw (return stake) will be excluded and shall not affect the Player’s Win Streak.
  3. If a player places Main Bets combined with Side Bets within one (1) game round, only the Winning Main Bets that meets the minimum bet requirements will count.
  4. Only the first 1,500 qualifying bets per day will be counted as eligible for the promotion. All qualifying bets placed after the bet limit is reached will not be counted towards the promotion.
  5. Winners will receive the prizes automatically. 
  6. If there are two or more players with identical scores in the tournament leaderboard, the player who scores first will get the higher position on the leaderboard.
  7. The tournament leaderboard is built in the qualifying games and updates in real-time.
  8. Pragmatic Play reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time and without prior notice.
  9. For more info please visit this site
  10. These terms and conditions operate in conjunction with VOdds’ General Terms and Conditions.