NBA: Why Nikola Jokic would be a deserved MVP winner

Last updated on January 13th, 2022

Nikola Jokic’s amazing form this season has seen him emerge as a legitimate contender for the NBA’s prestigious MVP award.

Unquestionably one of the elite players in the league this campaign, he’s powered the Denver Nuggets towards the playoffs with his fantastic all-round play.

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While the towering centre’s game isn’t as dynamic and full of athleticism like many of the others in contention for MVP, there’s no doubting what an outstanding player he is. And that his unique skill sets him apart in his own way.

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Reliable, ultra consistent and durable, Jokic has incredibly played the second most minutes in the league, in a season where his quality has shone through brightly. Although he’s an unglamorous pick and many believe his lack of highlight reel plays counts against him, his sheer effectiveness can’t be overlooked.

Having notched up 13 games where he’s scored 30 plus points and 10 plus rebounds, plus 56 double-doubles, these numbers show his class. The fact he leads the Nuggets in scoring (26.4 points per game), assists (8.4 pg) and rebounds (10.9 pg) further illustrates his dominance.

The Athletic’s John Hollinger summed up the NBA’s best passer aptly, saying: “He (Jokic) combines size, shooting touch and ball skills to slowly, steadily carve up opponents.

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Good on the dribble, a demon in the paint and so hard to match up against, the 211cm powerhouse appears destined to become the first centre in 21 years to be crowned MVP, a feat Shaquille O’Neal achieved.

Priced as a $1.10 favourite ahead of Joel Embiid at $11, the bookies are pretty certain he’s got the coveted award in the bag.

Propelling his team to great things courtesy of his exceptional performances, no one could begrudge the Serbian star being awarded MVP, for he’d undoubtedly be a deserved winner.

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