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Normal order

An order is simply an instruction to place a trade. There are a number of different types of orders that you can place via VOdds platform, depending on whether you want to trade with or without leverage and/or depending on whether you want to trade immediately or wait for a certain odd.

In this short video, our focus is on normal orders. A normal order is an instruction to place a trade in a specified direction and for a specific stake. Normal order will be carried out straight away at the best available odd on the market for that specified stake.

To place a normal order, you need to click on the odd of the event in which you are interested. This will launch an order ticket.

On the order ticket, odds are updated real time. You can choose the direction on which you would like to the order to execute.

Next, enter the stake amount. For normal orders, stake amount is bounded between Min stake and Max stake available in the market. VOdds will calculate the best odd available for that stake. This is called the guaranteed odd for the order.

If you are happy to trade at the stated odd, click Place order or press Enter. A confirmation dialogue with the order details such as league, match, selection, stake and odd will appear. If all the details look correct to you, click OK or press Enter. Otherwise, you can go back to the order ticket to adjust the order.

Upon your confirmation, our system will immediately execute your order. The stake of order, however, might not be 100% fulfilled since the odds may drop below the guaranteed odd during the time when the order is running.

If you have any questions about this video or about VOdds in general, please email support@vodds.com