What is Express Corridors Strategy in Betting

Last updated on December 27th, 2021

“Express corridors” is a tactic that allows you to minimize risks and avoid significant financial losses but is also considered as a high risk, high reward type of sports betting. You need to find the right corridor using an express bet. Let’s take a closer look at what this strategy is about and its features.


Some Examples of Corridors Strategies


1. Express rate


First, let’s figure out what the express rate means. It is building several outcomes of matches into a single structure. In this case, their coefficients are multiplied.


Let’s explain how the express bet works. To win a bet, you need to guess all the events. If at least one bet from the construction fails, then the express bet loses immediately. Even if the rest of the events were guessed correctly.


So what is the essence of the express bet? Why take such a risk? Is it justified? Although this type of bet has risks, it allows you to get a huge profit margin even if you deposit only a small amount. That is why it is popular with beginners and experienced sports bettors alike.


2. The corridor


These are rates of the opposite direction, but with a gap. Thus, the main feature is the search for a gap among the bookmaker’s odds with a high chance of getting into it the results of a game.


As an example, a bookmaker offers a minimum total bet (TB) of 160.5 and a total maximum (TM) of 167.5. It is precisely the interval between these values that is called the corridor. You can choose both totals at once – 160.5 and 167.5. If 161-167 goals are scored, both bets will stand out. If less than 161, then TM wins. More than 167 – the win belongs to TB. 


This is a great way to win a multiple bet by being rewarded in 2 lots at once. At the same time, minimize losses if the outcome is not guessed correctly (one bet always wins).


Before making an express bet, you need to carefully approach the search for the middle ground. This must be done using multiple bookmakers using aggregators and single-wallet platforms like VOdds. With aggregator platforms, all Asian odds are collected at once. 


Trading platforms have the following advantages:


  • an intuitive interface that is easy to understand even for a beginner;
  • the ability to compare odds for several bookmakers all at once;
  • the ability to do online betting without leaving your home.


Sign up on VOdds today and test your express corridors betting strategy!



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