Yellow Card Betting: Football Cards and Booking Points

Last updated on December 27th, 2021

Yellow card bets in a football match are very popular among bookmaker users. Violations during football matches are an integral part of the professional sport. Often such incidents occur by accident or carelessness. But in many cases, fouls are deliberate. 


In this article, let’s focus on strategies for betting on yellow cards. Test your knowledge on football betting and join VOdds today!



What is a yellow card in a football game


Before anything else, let’s define yellow cards and its several types.


In soccer, there are two violation cards – yellow and red cards. The yellow card is worth a caution or a warning. It gives a player a chance to stay on the field for the whole game. But if a player receives a red card, which might be given after player/s receive two yellow cards, it automatically removes or disqualifies the player from the game.


There are a few types of bets on yellow cards in football. It may take a long time to list them, so let’s highlight only the most basic ones. 


Bets on yellow cards in a football match:


  • TB (Total Bases) – a simple bet, similar to a regular total bet. For example, a TB odds of 3.5 means that if the total number of yellow cards exceeds 3, then your bet will win.
  • Individual TB – If the total is calculated for both opposing teams, then the individual total is calculated for a specific team. For example, you decide to bet on TB 2 for the home team, then if, after 90 minutes, the hosts have more than two cards, you win. If, at the end of the match time, the team has collected only two cards, your bet is refunded.
  • Betting on cards in football – The most common type of betting in football. If one of the teams scores more yellow cards, then that bet will win.
  • Live Results – Many professional bettors place bets on yellow cards in real time. Experts, based on match statistics, determine which team is most likely to receive a yellow card. For example, there is often such an outcome in which a team, losing in the course of the match, panics. Especially if the struggle is principled. Thus, bettors have an excellent opportunity to place bets with good odds.


As you’re now more familiar with the strategies on betting on yellow cards on football, test your betting knowledge with our VOdds platform today!


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