List of Underrated Betting Strategies

Last updated on December 27th, 2021

In order to make a profit from betting, it’s not always beneficial to place bets on the favourites. Sometimes stronger teams lose. Your winnings can also come from unexpected game results. 


That’s why today’s article will focus entirely on underrated forms of football betting that are likely to yield high winnings. And once you’re ready to try them, don’t miss out on claiming your welcome bonus of up to €/£200. Create an account, visit our VOdds platform, and bet on the best Asian odds!


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Here’s a few undervalued strategies you need to know


Top teams rarely perform at their best continuously, so don’t bet on them too often. Yet this is one of the most common betting mistakes newbies make. Underdogs are capable of beating even the strongest clubs. 


It’s time to consider different outcomes and try betting on them through these betting markets:


1. If you’ve got a good estimate of the total goals, bet on the Totals or Over/Under markets.


It’s a good strategy to study the head-to-head score history between two opposing football teams that will be playing. It helps you make informed bets that work in any betting markets.


One way you can use these data is to predict what would be the total scored by both teams. Once you have a good estimate, you can start doing total bets. For example, look at what score benchmark VOdds has given for the Manchester City versus Wolves match then compare your predictions.


Whoever wins doesn’t matter. It’s all about predicting if the actual combined goals of the two teams goes over or under the benchmark. Learn here on how you can make profit on the total betting market.


2. If you think the underdog has high chances of winning, bet on them using Asian handicap.


As already discussed, you can’t always expect the top team to be at their best every game. Whenever they underperform or after your research you think the underdog will win, you can bet on them with Asian handicap betting.



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As seen on the handicap odds format above, the stronger team is put at a disadvantage. They must win by a lot of goals for you to win your bet on them. On the other hand, you have more leeway to win if you bet on the underdogs. You win if they win, the game ends in a draw, or they lose only by one goal. 


Do your usual research then pick a positive Asian handicap that is advantageous to the underdog if you think they have a chance at scoring. Check our Asian handicap guide to learn more about how this market works. 


If you want to test these strategies, our VOdds betting platform is the best place to do it. We offer the best Asian handicapping odds and matches in a single dashboard!


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