Swing Basketball Betting Strategy

Last updated on December 27th, 2021

Basketball total betting in a quarter is a real outlet for those who like to bet in this sport, but if you choose to bet on this, you may not predict the outcome of the whole match. This allows you to receive a win regardless of how it ends. 


One of the most popular strategies in basketball betting is what we call the “Swing”. Let’s talk about its features and how to make money from momentum swings.


Betting on the Individual Total


This quarter betting strategy simply means betting on the individual total (IT) of basketball teams. Bets are placed in 1/4 on the IT favorite playing at home.


If you want to use this trading strategy, you need to choose 15-20 games in which the odds for the first team will be up to 1.38. The ability to analyze statistics, even the most elementary one, will play into the hands here. Since for a successful basketball bet on quarters, you need to accurately determine the favorite. 


In principle, this NBA betting strategy is not that difficult. You have to see the standings, and the higher the perceived favorite from the opponent, the more points you will get.


Compare the playing teams. How the favorite team played against the other team in previous matches and how they prepared for the upcoming match, in which you plan to place your live bets. This is one basic and technical analysis on betting.


After that, you have to analyze other things to make a more informed bet. Study statistics and how swing trading strategies work for basketball. You need to study how the teams play every season and which players have been changed or transferred.


Let’s take a look at the average IT favorite in the first quarter of a match. If there is an odd of 1.85 or 1.9 opposite his IT, then this will be the average total. 


Now, let’s see how many times a given average total was broken in quarters of each match. If in the past meetings, the selected team broke through an average IT of 60% and also did the same in most games, then you should work according to the strategy of betting in totals in the first quarter.


Where to Find Swings in Basketball Betting Lines


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Bet on basketball today using swing strategy and generate more profit!


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