Latvian: Underrated & Profitable Basketball Strategy

Last updated on December 27th, 2021

This article is perfect for newbie bettors looking for more ways to profit while betting on NBA games or experienced punters like you who are searching for new basketball bets that can make you rich.


This profitable basketball betting strategy was shared by a Latvian bettor based in England. This is a rare betting market, and there are only a few places where you can find information about it. It doesn’t even have an official name. Therefore, most gamblers who know about this method simply call it “Latvian”.


The person who shared the strategy has been using it since 1984 and says it is one of the most lucrative basketball bets around. So take time to learn about this strategy and place more profitable bets on VOdds.


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How does Latvian strategy work


First of all, you must decide in which direction you will be betting. Choose either Total Over or Total Under. You need to choose one thing because it’s difficult and risky to place bets in two directions at once.


Let’s assume you have chosen to bet on Total Over. Based on this, you need to list down the teams that mainly play offensive. This way, your record of their scores over the years can be considered as their maximum capacity given you’re betting on total over.


In one championship, you can select about five to ten basketball teams. The more popular and significant the football league is, the higher the number of your chosen teams. Get the notes ready, including who they were facing and their average score.


Now that you have your list, here’s how it will go:


  1. Monitor which of the teams are playing with each other and when.
  2. Note the average score for both teams based on their head-to-head history. 
  3. See what benchmark the bookmakers have decided on. Knowing this is important as you need to see if your expected total points scored surpasses (over) the benchmark.
  4. If yes, then check the basketball betting lines in several bookmakers everyday to see which one has the best odds for these basketball games.


All that is left is to place your bets. Create an account today and have the top bookies with the best odds on your dashboard. Plus get up to €/£100 welcome bonus!


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Whenever you are confident with your bet, you can place higher wager to ensure a huge profit. Here’s how you can consistently generate winnings using this fixed profit betting guide. Go to our online betting platform and try to place bets using these win-win basketball betting strategies.


Important points


One useful tip is to always follow the news in the world of basketball. Perhaps the team is playing at home, has a new coach, a new player, or the weather is bad, and so on. All of these can greatly influence the tactics of their game.


Thanks to the internet, it’s no longer necessary to collect sports statistics and data from newspapers and magazines. Everything is now available online, and at a fast speed too. But it can still be time consuming so experienced bettors use sports betting API for these tasks.


Luckily, you can also request our Unity API when you sign up for a VOdds account. Through these services, you can get not only detailed statistics, but also wager with Asian odds. A huge plus is that it is possible to bet on several Asian bookmakers on the platform at once. 


For one final tip, when you’re using this profitable basketball sports betting strategy, the top three teams from the league rankings should not be included in your list. They are the strongest, they can afford to change the tactics of the game. That is, they can play both from attack and from defense.


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