Increase Income Using Fixed Profit Betting Strategy

Last updated on December 27th, 2021

Many beginners are trying to find the answer to the question – how to come up with a strategy that will allow you to constantly win and generate profit? 


Today we will analyze one profitable betting strategy to use so newbie bettors like you can get fixed income rates from sports betting. After reading, you can try this strategy on our VOdds platform and get up to €/£200 welcome bonus if you use the promo code VEPL21 to sign up.


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Fixed profit betting: All you need to know


This tactic is often used by professional gamblers. The strategy involves dividing the total amount of your bankroll into certain parts that you can use to place bets on different games. Having fixed rates in sports betting is the most important aspect of this strategy.


Now let’s look at how you can apply this on your bets. Ultimately, any gambler needs to determine their expected amount of profit before placing bets. 


This way, expert bettors know that losing one bet will not mean losing all their bankroll. But beginners without an understanding of how fixed rate bets are made may have a difficult time seeing its worth.


First of all, a fixed rate bet allows you to avoid unnecessary losses. Newbie gamblers tend to let their emotions dictate what bet and how much to place, causing them to lose big amounts. More experienced punters know that this is a harmful oversight. Instead, after they research who to bet on, they try to compute the profit they can get for each bet before placing them.   


Here’s the formula punters use to calculate the fixed rate to bet: R = W / K.


Rate (amount) = W (possible fixed profit) / K (event odds – 1). 


Let’s place a bet as an example. If you want to get a profit of €100 while betting at 1.5 odds, then you have to bet: 100 / (1.5-1) = €200. If you win the bet, your expected profit of €100 is guaranteed.




To figure out the meaning of a fixed profit, there are several important aspects to consider:


  • Initial bankroll. The larger it is, the higher your fixed profit can be.
  • Average odds of bets. It works like the first one. The higher the value, the better your income is.
  • Number of games in a given period of time. Every gambler can make reckless bets from time to time. So it’s more beneficial to calculate the fix rates for a lot of upcoming games. This lets you adjust your bets and have some leeway to lose a few while still staying afloat.


We have discussed the most important parts in calculating a fixed profit and a rate. And as mentioned, you will need high betting odds if you want higher income from your sports bets. There’s no better platform to get them in real-time than VOdds. We have the best Asian odds plus a big welcome bonus for you!


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