Last Minute Betting in Basketball

Last updated on December 16th, 2021

Basketball is one of the favorite sports among bettors, along with football and tennis. The key advantage is high dynamics and unpredictability, which allows making profitable live bets. 


There are many tactics and strategies for betting on basketball. One great tactic is betting in the last minute of an NBA game. The downside is that some bookmakers stop accepting bets at this stage of the match, but VOdds calculate until the final buzzer.


Take for example the latest match between Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics where they had to go overtime because they kept their scores close, and with the last streaks of the game, the Celtics were able to score 122, beating the Bucks with 113 in the last minute.


Due to the intensity and passion among the players, the final result may depend on professionalism and endurance. It is really helpful to use live betting when you are learning how to place bets during the final minutes of the game.


With VOdds, you can definitely do your NBA betting or any basketball league live. Create an account with us today and try this strategy!




Factors that influence the final score of a basketball match

In the so-called “endgame” of a basketball match, here are things that  influence the final score:


  1. The psychological stability of the players – players play more roughly towards the end of the game to get free throws
  2. The tactics of the team and their coach – some coaches change their tactics in the last quarter to win the game
  3. General player fatigue – also consider the physical condition of the players in the beginning, middle, and towards the end of the match and look out for fatigue and injuries that may occur 


If you want to try this strategy, then based on the above factors, it is extremely important to adhere to one golden rule: always watch the game not by the live score line alone, but be sure to watch the broadcast and analyze what is happening in the court. 


Thanks to the automated functions on the VOdds platform, it is possible to “catch” a very good moment for a bet, which the robot cannot see. 


Live odds are set mainly using a mathematical program, only at key moments the bookmaker intervenes in their changes. To apply the last-minute bet type to a basketball game, you should watch the match very carefully to make a good profit.


What is not advised to consider as a bet on basketball in the last minutes of the match:


  • The total is less. The odds of this column are most often underestimated, although the chance of scoring, on the contrary, increases, especially with a small gap in the score.
  • Individual total of one of the teams. The rate is not the most promising, because a lot depends on the individual qualities of basketball players: both physical and moral. The bet is relevant only if the bettor knows the style of play of each individual player.


There are many more different value options that the bookmakers offer. The combination of a good list and high odds in live mode is especially important, which is what our bookmakers focus on. 


Lastly, consider the most popular events that are more likely to bring profit:


  • The total is more. Here you can safely take risks, but take into account the motivation and physical condition of the teams. Often, the odds for a given event are unreasonably high.
  • One of the teams wins. A match where a leader and an outsider meet, and the result is unclear until the end, is a good option. You can take a risk and put on a weaker team, relying on the emotional charge of the chosen club.
  • Handicap. It makes sense to take advantage of one of the teams by a few points. There are good quotes on the handicap, so there is a chance to make good money.

With these tips, we hope that you’ll know how to bet at the last minute in basketball and we also recommend reading our article “Common mistakes in basketball betting” to know which sports betting mistakes you should avoid.

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