Sports Betting Strategy: 3 Strategies To Keep in Mind

Sports Betting Strategy

Last updated on December 27th, 2021

How To Strategise as a Sports Bettor


There is no doubt about it that with the legalization of gambling, it has paved the way for the increase of punters in the UK. Several forms of gambling can help give punters chances of winning long term profits, especially in sports betting.


Sports Bettor Types

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With the increasing demand for sports betting, punters can also be categorized into two groups: casual sports bettors and active sports bettors. If you have a more laid back approach to sports betting, then you are the former. A casual sports bettor uses betting as a form of entertainment and usually wagers with his friends or family. The latter, on the other hand, are those punters who take sports betting seriously. They aim to be professional sports bettors and use various tools such as free sports API to help them with their strategies and data. But setting aside the differences in motivations between the two types of bettors, you can see that they have a glaring similarity:

they want to improve their chances of winning, which can only be done by having excellent strategies.


Betting Sports

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  From soccer betting to baseball betting, you have several sports to choose from and to be able to win in any of those you can follow these strategies:


Strategy#1: Pick and Focus on One Team


There are several betting lines across multiple sports. Because of such variety, punters tend to wager on numerous bets on different teams. This is alright if you have a huge budget, but if you prefer to make informed bets, it is better to focus on only one team and one sport. The advantage of this strategy is that you’ll gain knowledge and insights that other bettors won’t have. You’ll reduce the time you’ll also spend on researching each matchup.

Strategy #2: Fade the Public


This is one of the common strategies in sports betting. It involves betting against the public. The punter first has to look at big-market teams, teams with star players, and more, and then spot teams that are overvalued on lines for the sake of the public. This is because it revolves around the idea that sportsbooks will shade lines that reflect what they think the public will do. It will, in turn, lead to some soft lines, where, if a punter goes against the public, they’ll gain an advantage.


Strategy #3: Make Use of Software and API

Online gambling has also led to many advances in strategies. Punters have it easy since they can get all the information that they need through software and sports betting API. These will give them the necessary sports data feed that they need, be it rankings, records, and team favorites or underdogs, among other things.  

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