Difference between Asian handicap and Hard handicap

Last updated on December 27th, 2021

To understand the differences between the Asian handicap and the Hard Handicap, you need to understand first what these two concepts mean. Discover how to bet using Asian handicap method and place bets on the best Asian odds at VOdds!


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What is Hard Handicap?


The Hard handicap is a betting based on the number of goals. It’s advisable to use it when there is a clear favourite. A hard handicap is a fractional advantage:


  •       1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 (football, hockey)
  •       16.5, 22.5, 25.5 (tennis, volleyball, handball) 
  •       125.5, 165.5, 225.5 (basketball) 


When the odds are with a minus sign, it is a negative handicap. It means that your selected team or player must win with the specified difference in the final score. When the odds are positive, you want them to lose with a difference higher than the specified value.


What is Asian Handicap?


Now let’s figure out what is an Asian handicap in betting. The Asian handicap also has a fractional numerical value, but it can also be a quarter handicap. That is 1.25, 1.75, and so on. In this case, the odds are divided in half between adjacent whole and the half handicaps. 


To understand better, let’s look at an example. The Asian handicap has the following odds, Away (-2.25):


  •     F – the handicap;
  •     2 – team number;
  •     -2.25 is a numeric value.


As mentioned earlier, the numerical value (-2.25) is shared by two adjacent odds – 2 and -2.5. 


Let’s give one more example: Away (-1.75) and you’re betting on Manchester City against Chelsea. Your bet is divided by -1.5 and -2. If Man City wins with a difference of 3 or more, then you win your bet in full. If they won with a difference of 2, then win only half of your bet. 


How to calculate Asian handicap


Now let’s look at an example of how the Asian handicap is calculated. Let’s say you place a €1000 bet on Away (+0.75) favouring the underdog Juventus vs PSG at the odds of 1.60. Here the €500 from your bet goes to F2 (+0.5), and the other €500 on F2 (+1.0). 


If Juventus wins or draws the game, you win the bet and get a profit amounting to €1600 (1000 * 1.60). If the team loses by one goal, you only win half of your wager that is calculated with the odds 1.00 (1000/2 * 1.00). This leaves you with a refund of €500. Learn more about when do you lose or win the bet through this Asian handicap odds table.


Asian total


Additionally, there is something called Asian total. Let’s figure out what that is. The total here refers to the number of an event in the match such as total number of goals, yellow cards, assists, and more. You have to predict and place the bets on these events. Check our Total betting guide to know how it generally works before we dive into more details.


With this clear, let’s now analyze what the Asian total is in bets. The principle of its calculation will be similar to the Asian handicap market, but the bet is placed based on the totality of an event in the match. Now let’s look at two more important concepts. 


The first concept – what does Asian total over mean?   


This is a pretty simple betting market. This means that the actual number of the event must be greater than the expected value. For example, you predict the total is over 2.25. In this case, half of the bet amount goes to 2, and the second part goes to 2.5. 


If 3 or more goals are scored in a match, then you win the bet in full as it surpasses the 2.25 goals expected. If a borderline value occurs, that is 2 goals, then you lose half of your bet and the other half will be returned to your account. 


The second concept – what does Asian total under mean?


It is calculated according to the same principle above. But in order for you to win, the actual number of the event needs to be less than the expected value. 

For example, you bet on the combined goals is less than 2.25. Half of the bet goes to 2, and the other to 2.5. You win your bet if there are less than two goals. If the actual goals are 2, you only win half of it. 


There is also such a thing as Asian Individual Total. These are bets on the actions of a specific team or player. By now, we have examined in detail what the Asian total means in football betting. In other sports, everything works the same way.


Where can you place Asian handicap bets?


As the name implies, Asian handicap originated in Asia. It is the most popular betting market in the region and is hard to reach outside of the area. 


One safe way to start betting on this is through Asian sportsbooks aggregator sites like VOdds. This service has many advantages, such as:


  • Everything is done online, you don’t have to leave home;
  • There are several Asian bookmakers on the platform at once, you can choose any;
  • Best odds and high limits shown in one dashboard;
  • Simple and user-friendly interface. 


After creating an account, you will be able to compare betting lines from several different bookmakers at once, and choose the one that offers the best odds.


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